The annual skin cancer summit represents one of Australia's must-attend events for medical professionals and brings together general practitioners, specialists, researchers, professors, and industry experts. Take the opportunity to share your brand with medical professionals, build meaningful relationships with decision makers and showcase your products and services. Limited sponsorship opportunities are available.






Gain access to the email list of all delegates who have agreed to receive marketing communication and promotional offers from HealthCert's partners.


Reach nearly 3,000 doctors at 16 education events across Australia and enjoy an average of more than five hours of networking me in one day.


Effectively showcase your products and services directly to your target group and connect with one-on-one decision makers.


Increase your exposure at Australia's premier education events and build your brand's credibility by association with our renowned education partners.


Promote your products and services to our established database via our different marketing channels, including direct mail, EDM, fax campaigns, and press ads.


Work with us to create flexible, tailor-made packages to meet your marketing objectives, suit your budget and fit into your time schedule.


  • We find that this is our best place to get in contact with our necessary clients. This is where skin cancer doctors will come along, so this is an excellent location to be able to have those necessary one‐on‐one conversations with our potential clients. We find every time we attend one of these events that we get a great response, we get to meet our customers and we have a good time.
    - T. Dicker, Sunspot Skin Cancer Clinics

  • We had not exhibited at this type of educational event before and we were amazed at what could be accomplished with a focused group. We doubled our expected sales with a dozen systems sold in the two days. It is unusual to sell a lot of capital equipment off the stand these days and there were many more strong leads converted once people could consult with their partners or principle when they returned home.
    - B. Marshall, DermapenWorld

  • We've had an opportunity to meet with new doctors who we have not met previously. We find that these conferences are fantastic for just giving us the opportunity to meet our clients and to meet new people as well.
    - A. Bennett, EquipMe

  • We had a good interaction with the doctors and easy access to them. They've been engaging which is always encouraging. And we had some sales off the stand as well as some leads to follow. So it's all very positive.
    - M. Wolf, Critical Group


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